January 25, 2000

Mr. James Robinson, Assistant Attorney General
United States Justice Department
950 Pennsylvania Avenue Room 2107
Washington D.C. 20539

Dear Sir,

On December 5,1999 the General Executive Board of LIUNA held an executive board meeting. At this meeting the General Executive Board of LIUNA voted to make Arthur Coia President Emeritus and supplement his retirement to equal at least $250,000 year for the rest of his life.

I wrote to Frank Marine of the United States Justice Department and Inspector General W. Douglas Gow of LIUNA at least three times each to inquire about the legality of this action by the General Executive Board. I haven't heard back from either of them.

I believe the General Executive Boards action is a direct violation of the LIUNA ethics and Disciplinary Procedures instituted by the United States Justice Department and the Laborers International Union of North America. I have enclosed a copy of pages 101 and 102 for you to review. Our Constitution has no such position as President Emeritus.

Coia is a man leaving under a cloud and possibly a plea bargain deal with the Justice Department. Coia is a man who was found guilty of accepting kickbacks from a union vendor and fined $100,000. Coia is man who done nothing to stop organized crime from looting treasury's and pension funds until the Government showed up with a RICO complaint.

I am asking the United States Justice Department to exercise their fiduciary responsibility under the consent decree that existed prior to January 1,2000 and stop this sweetheart deal to Arthur Coia. This sweetheart deal to pay a corrupt union official will come out of the pockets of every working Laborer. Not the LIUNA General Executive Boards pocket. This is an outrage that nobody in the Government or the Inspector General's office has tried to stop this sweetheart deal already.

Sincerely Yours,

Alex Corns

Cc: David R. Knowlton, Deputy Assistant Director FBI
Roy Landreth, Deputy Assistant Inspector General of the Department of Labor

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