February 4, 2000

Laborers International Union of North America
Mr. Carl E. booker General Secretary Treasurer
905 16th Street
Washington D.C. 20006-1765

Dear Sir and Brother,

I am writing to ask you to pursue immediate legal actions against all members of the LIUNA General Executive Board who voted on December 5,1999 to give Arthur A. Coia President Emeritus status and pay him a lifetime salary of $250,000 a year. The members of the LIUNA General Executive Board were aware of the plea bargain arrangement on December 5,1999. They have violated their fiduciary responsibility to the membership of LIUNA.

As you know, Mr. Coia entered into a plea bargain January 31, 2000, that he defrauded local governments and the United States Government of taxes, committed mail fraud and other felonies in conjunction with a union vender while he was General Secretary Treasurer and General President of LIUNA.

What gives the General Executive Board of LIUNA the right to ignore our Constitution and Ethics and Disciplinary Procedureís established January 18,1995? What give them the right to give away union assets to the sum of $250,000 a year to a convicted felon?

This is both immoral and illegal; I am sure you will take swift legal action to address this outrage.

Coia is a crook who abused his power and trust as a union leader and lawyer for personal gain. His law firm enjoyed lucrative contracts with LIUNA and several other unions in Rhode Island one of his partners was also made a LIUNA vice president and held several union positions.

Coia is 56 years old with 42 years of ìserviceî in LIUNA. How much pension will he receive?

If Mr. Coia is having finical problems the General Executive Board of LIUNA should suggest (1) He sell his $1,050,000 1972 Ferrari Daytona (2) Put his Mansion at 56 Payne Road, Barrington, Rhode Island up for sale (3) Get a real job like other working people.

Mr. Booker we shouldnít have to ask you to take action, this should never of happened. If we had a real reform program this kind of cronyism and corruption would not be allowed. I have asked the LIUNA Inspector General to look into this matter as well.

I look forward to receiving your reply at the earliest possible time.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Corns
Business Manager
Hodcarriers Local 36
Daly City, California

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