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February 28, 2000

W. Douglas Gow LIUNA Inspector General
P.O. Box 27416
Washington D.C. 20038-7416

Dear Mr. Gow,

I have been reading through The LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure Booklet.

On page 5. Barred Conduct. "Four types are clearly prohibited: (2) committing any act of racketeering, which includes crimes as bribery, extortion, accepting, kickbacks, bookmaking and other felonies."

On page 12. Policy on Reporting Felony Arrests and Indictments. "Any member of the GEB, any officer of any subordinate body, and all members serving as trustees of any employee benefit plan, fund, or trust must notify the Inspector General in writing within five days whenever they learn that any member,employee, officer, or labor trustee is arrested, indicted, or otherwise charged with any felony or with any law relating to the affairs of a labor organization of benefit plan.

On page 16. Financial Practices. "Union funds are held in trust for the benefit of the membership. The membership is entitled to assurance that Union funds are not dissipated and are spent for proper purposes. The Membership is also entitled to be reasonably informed as to how Union funds are invested or used.

On page 32. Suspension of Indicted officers: "Upon receipt of notice that any officer, agent, representative, or employee of any entity within the Union has been indicted for any felony violation of any federal or state law,or for violating any federal or state law, relating to the conduct of the affairs of a labor organization or employee benefit or pension plan, the GEB and/or General President shall place the accused individual on a temporary leave of absence with pay. The GEB Attorney shall promptly institute a disciplinary hearing before the Independent Hearing Officer, who shall determine the appropriate discipline, if any (including whether and for how long to continue the suspension) pursuant to the procedures delineated herein. "Upon the adoption of this Disciplinary Procedure written notices, informing the Union membership of the signing and scope hereof will be sent to every local union, and will be printed in the first issue of the Laborer which is published after the date hereof.

I have a couple of questions for you.

Is a scheme to defraud the Government of taxes with the help of a union vender considered barred conduct?

When were you notified by the General Executive Board of LIUNA, that General President Arthur Coia was charged with a felony and negotiating a plea bargain agreement with the United States Government?

Was Arthur Coia ever put on a leave of absence with pay during his tenure as General President?

Is it true the membership of LIUNA is entitled to be reasonably informed on how union funds are used?

Was any Local Union or District Council told about the plea bargain agreement and the salary to be paid to Coia for the rest of his life prior to December 6,1999 ?

When will the details of the plea bargain agreement and why Coia really resigned be printed in the Laborer Magazine?

Is the General Executive Board of LIUNA going to send a letter to each local telling the real reason General President Coia stepped down?

Please respond in writing at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Corns

Business Manager
Local 36
Daly City, California

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