July 30, 2003

Mr. Bruce Ohr, Chief

United States Justice Department

Organized Crime and Racketeering Section


I wrote to you on October 16, 2002 about Mob Puppet Arthur Coia and his involvement with ULLICO scandal and how several million dollars of Laborers pension money was lost on a Las Vegas land deal. This wasn’t the first letter I sent to you as matter of fact it was one of several.


I complained about the LIUNA clean up and the $250,000 a year salary to Mob Puppet Arthur Coia and how he and his crew were still in business.


Today I receive the enclosed Article; The Department of Labor is suing to remove 4 trustees of the Rhode Island District Council of Laborers for violations of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (Chao V. Coia, DRI.


Another scheme involving the Coia crew to bilk money from dues paying members of LIUNA and route the money to the Coia & Lepore law firm.


The defendants Ronald Coia, Edward DiRissio, Michael Gammino and David Rampone. Most appalling is the fact that General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E.Sabitoni is still a partner in the Coia & Lepore law firm and holding union office. This is direct violation of the LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures.


Today when I contacted LIUNA Inspector General W. Douglas Gow about this matter he said he believed Armand Sabitoni had an agreement with the United States Government allowing him to be General Secretary-Treasurer of LIUNA and keep his position with Coia & Lepore. He was going check with GEB Attorney Robert Luskin to make sure.


I personally don’t care what excuses Robert Luskin or W.Douglas Gow come up with or what you say. It is clear to me the Rhode Island Mob is in charge of the clean up program And not the United States Justice Department. Sincerely yours,


Alex Corns

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