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Their names are on our web site because the names highlighted in red are affiliated with the Laborers Union which was accused by the Department of Justice of being under the influence of and control of organized crime. If you read the draft RICO complaint, you will learn that it is a judicially recognized fact that an organized crime commission exists and that the Chicago "Outfit" is one of the families of the La Cosa Nostra. (LCN)

Their names are on the chart because extensive evidence-wire taps-court documents-testimony-informant or otherwise-tells the Chicago Crime Commission that they are associated with or members of this criminal conspiracy. A reading of the transcripts will demonstrate this conclusively. The information is offered free of charge as a service to the ignorant public by Laborers for Justice & Democracy. The fact that their names are Italian means nothing. My best friends are Italian. I went to school in Roma. I speak Italian. I love Italians-the honest ones that is . I love honest Irishmen too and can't stand crooks no matter what there nationality or ethnic origin is. I can't stand or tolerate corruption or for that matter stupidity or bad grammar or bad spelling. If you clog up my e-mail any more, utilize a spell checker first.

The names of men in red stand convicted of unethical conduct-a breach of fiduciary duty. Some of the men were never convicted of a crime. Accardo was never convicted of a crime to the best of my knowledge. Accardo is, thank God, dead, and I hope, in hell. Not being caught does not make one innocent. I trust this is a satisfactory reply and thank you for visiting our web site. Please read everything and come back for more. The fun has just begun.

Organized crime can sue me all it wants and I will tell them to go to hell. What good is a judgement if a man has no assets other than his wits. I will set the web site up in Castlebar or Milano if necessary, to broadcast the truth and all the facts. If slimeball Sherman Carmell doesn't like it, tough.

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I just wanted to know why you would put a persons name on a web site, unless thay had been convicted of some kind of a crime. Some of the men that you put on you chart of the Chicago outfit have never been convicted of anything. Most of these men are trying to do thier jobs and just because someone in thier family did something wrong back in the depression when nobady had anything you feel it is your right to blame them. Putting these names on your web site i think was a direct violation of thier right as Americans. Oh ya just because someone is Italian doesnt exactly mean they have mob ties. Just like every Irish person isn't a drunk.

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