As you know I have lost the election only 42% of all voters came out to vote. I thought there would be more interest but I was wrong. But I feel that I have to live with the decision. I wish the International would have stepped in before the election was held and implemented a mail out ballot but they did not.

I hope before the next election comes in four years (in Canada it is four years) I will have implemented a mail out ballot in our Local.

I have heard from many of our members that I have brought up many good issues and I sincerely hope that a lot of good things come out of this election in the future.

The incumbent is a well entrenched official that has been in our Local for 20 years as a Business Manager and 4 years as a Business Agent. Many of my brothers feel that I do not have the experience to handle his job. But I know that I do.

I think this election was a stepping stone to my credibility as a candidate in the future I hope that I will be able to help some of my brothers with their plights with our Local.

Gaetano Caruso

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