December 7, 1998

Dear Congressman:

Rape in any form is a horrific crime that should never go unpunished. The rape of labor union pension funds and dues money by union leaders is no exception.

In your role as a member of the Committee On The Judiciary investigating campaign financing violations as well as matters of judicial misconduct of President Clinton, I urge you to thoroughly investigate the connections between Arthur A. Coia, president of the mob-controlled Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), AFL-CIO and campaign contributions made to President Clinton through the Democratic National Committee.

LIUNA President Coia gave more than $3,676.000 of hard-earned union members money to the Democrats during Bill Clinton's time in the White House to date. Much more was directed to Democrats through individual LIUNA state PACs around the country. It is no coincidence that this astronomical amount of member dues money was given during the time the Justice Department was proposing racketeering charges, commonly known as a RICO complaint, against Coia and the Laborers union. This misuse of union member funds appears to be nothing short of a scheme to buy protection and influence with the White House from such charges. Subsequently Coia accepted numerous personal invitations to White House functions, invitations that increased proportionately to the amount and frequency of the LIUNA donations to the DNC and Clinton. And it was certainly no coincidence that top Justice Department officials urged that the RICO complaint against Coia and LIUNA be dismissed.

Future pensions of LIUNA members and the financial stability of the Intemational Union itself have been put in jeopardy and at high risk by the inappropriate give-away of union funds to Democratic politicians at the highest level. I urge you to investigate the undeniable relationship between LIUNA President Coia, President Clinton and the DNC and how this relationship connects directly to questionable campaign financing.

For extensive infonnation and details on scores of questionable activities involving LIUNA President Coia, the DNC and President Clinton, I direct your attention and that of your aides to more than l00 related documents on line at This wealth of documented information should prove invaluable to you and members of your Committee On The Judiciary.

Mr. Coia clearly has the protection of Mr. Clinton and the White House. As a dues-paying member of LIUNA, I feel Coia does not have my interests, nor those of fellow LIUNA members, at heart. It's time LIUNA members and all working Americans had equal protection, and we look to you, our representatives in Congress, especially those on the Committee On the Judiciary, for that protection. Please do your duty.

Very truly yours,

Canmen Francella Jr.
6 Laurel Lane
Schenectady, NY 12304


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