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After I went to the Judges of Election and made my requests in regards to the list then he came up with this policy he will not talk to me personally. I am dealing with the President of our Union. He made it a policy because of my request I am sure that he has contacted a lawyer.

But he is saying that if i do not sign I will be denied my mail out. I am stalling him at the present time but I have brought them a letter that I intend to do the mail-out on May 21, 1998. At 9:00 am. I will not sign the letter until I get there just not to give them the satisfaction. In my heart I do not believe that I have to sign up until now I have dealt in good faith according to the constitution.

The problem in our Local is not there is not enough interest from the members and I do not want to let this chance slip away. So I will defend my rights to the end so that what ever happens the membership will notice that an induvidual does have rights and as long as he does it with dignity and respect it is his/her right to defend them. In regards to when he made this available to me is at the May meeting which was held on May 12,1998.

Chris White wrote:

Hi Gaetano-These are my opinions. I have acquired them the hard way. I am not a lawyer. I don't know what you are trying to achieve hopefully it is a democratic solution to problems. I would like to see your campaign literature when you are ready. I would like to know more about 607

Gaetano Caruso wrote:


LIUNA Local 607 Election 1998

Gaetano: The following is the policy of Local 607 re: campaign mail-outs and must be agreed to by any candidate desiring one. If a candidate does not comply with the conditions contained herein, the candidate will be denied a campaign mail-out.

Chris: If these guys denied you the right to mail your campaign literature because you refuse to sign the "yellow dog contract" I think they will be force to do the election over again. Where did this policy come from? At a local monthly meeting or is it just abitrary, capricious and self-serving? This surely is not universal

1. Candidates for the election are entitled to one mail-out between the date of May membership meeting and the Election day(s).

Chris: You can have as many mailings as you need to get your point across and rebutt whatever they rebutt.

2. Mail-outs must be produced without the use of union equipment or materials, with all such costs being the sole responsibility of the candidates. Mail-outs must be signed by the candidates issuing them, and the candidates recognize they are personally responsible for all statements made therein.

Chris: This is reasonable enough however you don't have to get their approval for what you write and you don't have to show it to them before you mail it. They have no right to censor you. They can retaliate if you violate the law but they can't stop you from violating it

3. Candidates may request, and the local union will inform candidates of the number of current members in good standing. Candidates must bring their mail-out to the union office at a pre-arranged time to be addressed by union staff. The mail outs must be in sealed, stamped, unaddressed envelopes. The candidates must remain present, or have a designated watcher present at all times while the envelopes are having address stickers applied. Which will be done by union staff assigned to the task. After all envelopes are addressed, a union staff member will, accompanied by the candidate or designated watcher, take the envelopes to the main post office and place them in the mail. At no time will the union or the candidate/watcher have sole custody of the addressed mail-out.

Chris: If they want to do the work for you and you are watching them I would suspect something underhanded.But if you know the exact amount you will be mailing, and if you are strong enough to deny the union staff from taking theirs to 'save you the stamps", I still would object. I wouldn't want these characters handling my stuff.I don't have confidence in their objectivity or whatever. I would insist that the return address is your home address and not the local union address. This is important to determine if you are receiving a current mailing list.

4. The candidate will pay the local union an amount equal to the office casts and total wage package for staff members assigned to such mail-out for all time spent on the task within thirty (30) days of the posting of the mail-out. Such cost is recognized to be a "lawful fee" as set out in Article III Section 3 (i) of the LIUNA Uniform Local Union Constitution.

Chris: If they want to get paid- you will do it yourself. This is an unnecessary burden. I have done this and it takes about an hour to bang out 1,000 labels once you get the table set up and people warm up to sticking on labels. They just peel right off the sheets. It may be a "lawful fee" if you don't want to do it yourself.Complain to the International and the U.S. Justice Dept. in Chicago and they will back you up.

The Undersigned recognizes and agrees to the conditions and

requirements set out herein.

May___, 1998

_____________________ ______________________

Candidate Witness

Chris: I think it is in order to tell them to shove it and you are here with your friends, tape recorder, local TV reporter and literature ready to label and mail. You might give them two working days to get the labels together from the international or go directly to the regional office with your request. You probably will regard any unnecessary delays as an infringement on your rights for an honest election.

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