If elected it is my intention to put up an out of work list of all members with their layoff dates.

I would eventually like to network the Local Union on a private network. So that all members have access to information that is posted by the Local. Also members may make suggestions which will be addressed at monthly meetings.

Also, for the out of town members it would be a great advantage to have a 1-800 number so that the members do not incur long distance charges.

One of the hard-fought issues in the Local Union has been the appointment of stewards. It will be the job of the Business Manager to appoint and supervise stewards. The practice at the present time is to appoint the same stewards to every job. Which I feel is unfair to the membership. This is stated in section 1.09 of the Local Union 607 bylaws. This is a copy of the following of the section:

Except as otherwise provided herein, members on the out-of work list will be dispatched to work, where practical, on the basis of: skills and ability to perform the work involved; length of time unemployed; and proximity to the job site. Union Stewards, Safety Representatives and Area Stewards may be referred to work regardless of their position on the out-of-work list.

I feel that a more fair approach to the issue is to form a steward pool. From where the Business Manager could choose a Steward, and Safety Representative. There are enough members in the Local who are qualified. I also believe that all Stewards and Safety Representatives should be TRAINED before being allowed in the pool. The pool should be rotated like the regular list.

I also feel that the stewards should be elected by the members to be allowed to serve as stewards.

We have to conduct business during regular business hours. We can not dispatch during evening hours and weekends unless it is an emergency.

It is unfair to dispatch on weekends and after hours because no one is expecting the call.

All Pre-Job information should be posted on a Bulletin Board in plain view for all members to see. In the case of out of town members I believe that we need a network so they have access to the same information.

I have voiced my opinion at the April meeting that I am opposed to ballot box elections.

If elected, I intend to put to a vote of the membership if a mail out ballot is a better option for the members. I do not agree with the soliciting that goes on at the polling stations.

Having gone before the Judges of Election I have written a letter stating my opinion in regards to the way the election is held. Perhaps the time has come where we could all take part in this decision.

One of the reasons I am opposed to the ballot box is because of the vast area we serve. It is a chore for some of our members who live in rural areas to attend a polling station.

Also in this upcoming election some of our members are going to be dispatched out of area on Pipeline work and can not be accommodated by a polling station.

Sealed ballots could be delivered to them on the job and they could mail them at their own convenience.

I believe a mail out is more convenient for the members.

One of the issues that has disturbed me over the years has been the Christmas Party.

I feel that the Executive Board should have a party for its members perhaps we could set up a fund to do so.

The old way was to sell tickets but in years when some of our members did not receive any or very little employment from the Local Union because of severe economic conditions. I found that selling tickets to be inconsistent with the spirit of the season.

Perhaps the membership should have input on how to do this it is certainly an issue that effects us all and I feel that it is good for the morale of our membership to have a Christmas Party.

At the present time and over the last few years I have noticed that we are not having a Christmas Party.

If elected I would also like to change the way meetings are held. I believe that a member should not address the Executive Board he should address the membership. I propose that a podium be built where a member could face and address the membership.

The President of the Local Union could ask the members if any one wanted to address the membership. At that point all members who want to address the membership could approach the podium and wait for their turn to speak.

At this time I am going to ask all members to go out and voice your opinion I would like to say that this is your Union.

So please go out and vote.

In closing I would like to say that I believe that we need changes the time has come to take a hard look at the issues and voice your opinion. I do not think that I could do this all by myself it will be the responsibility of all the members to do so.

I have brought up a few issues that I feel are important but I am sure that all members have quite a few issues of their own.

If elected it will be my job to make sure that the will of the membership prevail.

I will listen I will debate and I will act on all of your requests.

At this time I would like to thank my brother Robert Presenger who nominated me at the Local 607 nomination meeting. And for believing in me every step of the way.

On the following page you will see the job description of the Business Manager. Thank you

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