Larry Johnson became the business manager of Local 302 in 1990, after a controversial union election was held. There is evidence that shows Larry Johnson was involved in unlawful election activities against Tom Dillard in 1993 and against Val Albert in 1990, 93 and 96.


The most compelling case for election fraud, bylaw and constitution violations, and federal labor law violations came against Johnson during the 1996 elections.


The telephone records of Election Chairman, Barry Riedesel, showed that Johnson was involved in a conspiracy to defeat Albert in the 96 election, and then expel Albert from the union. Albert had been a member for over 40 years and was a former business manager. The phone records showed that Riedesel was engaged in a conspiracy with Johnson in which Riedesel would file three phoney charges against Albert, and Johnson would hold a kangaroo court at the union hall.


It worked. Johnson defeated Albert and made sure that Albert was expelled. In return, Riedesel was promptly promoted by Johnson.


Then, Johnson suddenly and mysteriously retired in 1997 after only serving seven months into a new three-year term. Immediately, Riedesel was again promoted.


Albert sued Johnson and the union for fraud, conspiracy and unlawful conduct. Larry Johnson's sworn deposition is over 50-pages. Excerpts of this deposition demonstrate Johnson's need to hide the truth. Johnson's union attorney (paid for by the members) did more talking than Johnson, attempting to conceal information preventing Johnson from unwittingly incriminating himself.


On page-27, Johnson states that Allan Darr wrote the union newspaper "Loadline." Darr has denied this in his own deposition (see Darr's Deposition at this web-site).


You be the judge. Is Larry Johnson a cheat and a fraud or is Allan Darr a better liar? Either way, Larry Johnson has brought great shame to this union.

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