Allan B. Darr is the business manager at Local 302 of the I.U.O.E. Mr. Darr served as an oiler, but never an operator, at Local 302. Under the Larry Johnson Administration, Mr. Darr served as a Trustee and as the editor of the union newspaper "Loadline." There is also credible evidence to show that Mr. Darr wrote all of the campaign literature for Larry Johnson's elections. In 1998, Mr. Darr officially quit working for the local so that he could accept a position elsewhere. In January 2001, after Clyde Wilson resigned under a cloud of scandal, Mr. Darr was appointed by the Executive Board to be the new business manager. Darr was never elected by the members.


The mounting evidence from the Val Albert lawsuits and from the Edgar Hanson complaints of election fraud, forced the Executive Board to appoint someone who could maintain the umbrella of secrecy as to the continued misdeeds and wrongdoing at Local 302. Allan B. Darr was selected because he had a personal interest in maintaining the cover-up.


On July 20, 1999, Mr. Darr was deposed by plaintiffs in the Val Albert lawsuits. It took the plaintiffs four attempts to get Mr. Darr to finally attend his own deposition, more evidence of Mr. Darr's aversion to the truth. At his deposition, Mr. Darr was extremely nervous, agitated and clearly irritated by the questions. He squirmed, yelled and became angry at the types of questions asked of him. One of the questions was whether or not he was the former editor of the union's newspaper, "Loadline." His answer was, "not that I recall," even though records show that Mr. Darr served as the editor for many years.


Telephone records obtained by the plaintiffs also show a very mysterious detail. The Seattle company that prints all of the election ballots for Local 302's elections placed several personal calls to Mr. Darr's personal residence just days before the 1996 election. Mr. Darr ran for Trustee in 1996. The inference made by the ballot printer's late-night telephone calls to Mr. Darr five days before the election mail-out, comports with the plaintiff's allegation of election fraud. The deposition of the ballot printing company's owner showed a severe lack of crediibility of that individual. The ballot printing company has sustained a very long relationship with the Johnson and Wilson Administrations. The ballot printer is also hired to print the "Loadline."


Please carefully read the complete transcript of Allan Darr's deposition and decide for yourself. Is this the kind of man you trust to run Local 302? Get to know Darr.


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