A man's honor can be measured by his deeds. In the alternative, a man's dishonor can be measured by his misdeeds. In the case of Local 302 Business Manager Allan Darr, one need not look further than the dishonorable actions of a truely evil man.


Allan Darr does not represent the true goals of the working man. Darr is a political wannabe with extreme left-wing leanings. He just happened to use Local 302 as a masquerade for his political activities.


Darr's father and brother were members of Local 302. That's why Allan B. Darr joined the union. But there is no evidence from any members that Allan could pull his own within our trade. The stories about Allan's ability as an oiler are both hilarious, and yet, dangerously scary.


Without any real ability to offer workmanship skill to our trade, Allan Darr became the editor of Local 302's union newspaper. Here, he practiced his writing skills, not as a seasoned writer, but as a propagandist and an artful deceiver of the truth [see the Deposition of Allan B. Darr].


Darr also became the key link for organizing election fraud and illegal election practices [see the Plumb Report].


Now, as the business manager, Allan B. Darr is again working towards a goal that was first tried out when Darr worked for Larry Johnson. That is, to get rid of your competition before the next election. Johnson got rid of Val Albert under the phoniest of circumstances in 1996. And Johnson cost Local 302 huge sums of money in legal fees for his efforts. Did Johnson care? Not at all. It wasn't his money he was spending. It was yours.


Allan B. Darr is attempting to do the same thing with Wayne Plumb. Darr has threatened Plumb and Plumb's family (including Plumb's four school-age children) with death threats. Presently, Darr is trying a back-door method to get rid of Wayne Plumb by using naive members to bid on Darr's dirty work [read the following documents].


As you read through the file on Allan B. Darr, ask yourself this question: Do you really want to be part of a union that is dominated and controlled by an evil, counterfeit business manager?

Wayne Plumb Charged With With Contract Vote Fraud

October 21, 2003

Brother Malcolm Auble    

Financial Recording Corresponding Secretary

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302

18701 120th Avenue North East

Bothell, Washington 98011-9514



Dear Brother Auble,


As you know, Committee members Joseph F. Floriant, Marvin O. Wright and Gary E. Lindquist counted the Alaska AGC Contract ratification vote on September 22nd, 2003 in Fairbanks Alaska. At that time it appeared that the AGC Contract was voted down.


After close examination we noticed some discrepancies among the ballots that were mailed in for contract ratification. The Washington AGC Ratification Committee and the printer of the valid ballots, confirmed that we had received 397 marked “duplicate" ballots on September 22,2003. All the duplicate ballots were marked “no". A recount of the original valid ballots resulted in a ratification vote of 368 “yes" votes, and 56 “no" votes. The Alaska AGC Ratification Committee certifled this result by letter on October 1, 2003.


We have recently learned that IUOE Local 302 member Wayne Plumb ordered duplicate ballots from PIP Printing in Anchorage on September 8th 2003. The duplicate ballots were postmarked September 12th, and 13th 2003 in Anchorage Alaska. These actions demonstrate a willful intent to interfere with the democratic process our union prescribes. These actions have compromised our membership's timely right in the monies and conditions negotiated for them through the collective bargaining process. These actions have undermined the interests of our union. Member Wayne Plumb clearly attempted to deny the will of the membership and cause disharmony.


The committee members hereby file these charges against member Wayne Plumb.


(1)        We allege that member Wayne Plumb has violated the Constitution of the International Union of Operating Engineers Article XXIV Subdivision 7 Section (e) in part: “Any officer or member of a local union who wrongs a fellow member or defrauds him; who commits an offense discreditable to the International union or its subdivisions; who creates dissension among the members; who destroys the interest and harmony of the Local Union”.

(2)        We allege a violation of IUOE Local 302’s Bylaws Article III Section 2.(a)”No member shall engage in conduct discreditable to this Local Union”.


Pursuant  to Article XXIV Subdivision 7 Section q, a deposit of $300 is posted with these charges.




Joseph F. Floriant


Marvin O. Wright


Gary E. Lindquist

Formal Charges Filed

International Union of Operating Engineers

LOCAL 302 • AFL-CIO Washington and Alaska


Allan B. Darr, General Vice President and Business Manager




October 21, 2003


Certified 7002 2410 0006 3169 4269

and First Class Mail




Wayne Plumb

22225 Whispering Birch Dr.    

Chugiak, AK 99567



Dear Brother Plumb:


In accordance with Article XXIV, Subdivision 7, Section (m) of the Constitution of the International Union of Operating Engineers, I am informing you of charges filed against you by Brothers Marvin Wright, Gary Lindquist and Joseph Floriant, the election committee for the AGC contract ratification vote. A copy of the charges is enclosed.


I must receive your response to the charges no later than the close of business on November 18, 2003.


If you have any questions, please call me at 425-806-0302 ext 112.




Malcolm J. Auble

Recording, Corresponding,

Financial Secretary


MJA/sa opeiu8




cc: Allan Darr, Business Manager, IUOE Local 302

Marvin O. Wright

Gary E. Lindquist

Joseph E. Floriant


Malcolm J. Auble, Financial Secretary • Jeffrey L Ackerman, President James M. Agnew, Vice President


18701 120th Avenue NE • Bothell, Washington 98011-9514 Telephone: (425) 806-0302 • Toll-free: 1-800-521-8882 • Fax: (425) 806-0030


Washington Branches: East Wenatchee • MountVernon • Silverdale • Yakima

Alaska Branches: Anchorage • Fairbanks • Juneau  

Wayne Plumb Denies Charges

November 7, 2003


Malcolm Auble

Recording, Corresponding,

Financial Secretary

IUOE Local 302

18701 12Oth Avenue NE

Bothell, WA 98011-9514


Dear Brother Auble:


Please note my response to the charges filed against me by Brothers Joseph Floriant, Marvin Wright, and Gary Lindquist.


Charge #1. DENY

Charge #2. DENY


No evidence has been shown that any alleged "duplicate" ballots were submitted by myself in the Alaska AGC contract ratification vote on September 22, 2003. Please advise me further if any of the alleged "duplicate" ballots have my name or my return address on them.


The real issues of ballot fraud and election fraud are more properly addressed by evidence submitted over the years during Local 302's elections of officers. Local 302's continued failure to safeguard elections will always result in charges of some kind.


The charges filed by Brothers Floriant, Wright and Lindquist appear as an attempt by my 2002 opponent Allan Darr to harass or eliminate me from competing against Darr in the future. Mr. Darr has made previous death threats against me, including my wife and young children. This is a matter of record with police agencies in Washington and Alaska. The evidence also appears on multiple sites over the internet.


Incidentally, I'm more than a little surprised by Brother Lindquist. Gary provided me with finanical support and encouragement during my campaign against Allan Darr in 2002. I guess this shows how quickly loyalties shift within this union.


Brother Auble, I do have two other concerns to present to you.


(1) The September 22, 2003 Alaska AGC contract ratification vote in Fairbanks was extended to retirees. This is a violation of our Constitution under Article XXIV, Subdivision 11, Section (f). I have the affidavits of several retirees to whom the Local sent ballots.


(2) As a former agent, I know that the past practice of the Local is to permit qualified members to vote on AGC contacts at regularily scheduled union meetings. Oddily, the September 22, 2003 vote was cast through the mail service. This is a clear departure from past practice and may be a possible violation under the Constitution.


Business Manager Darr's efforts to maintain domination over the members of Local 302 extends beyond the reasonable bounds of true union brotherhood. Attempting to dishonor and endanger me through the actions of other members, while himself engaging in sins of betrayal against the spirit of this Local, are true demonstrations of evil.




Wayne Plumb, 2002

Candidate for Business Manager

Local 302

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