December 7, 2003



Mr. Allan B. Darr

Business Manager

Local 302/IUOE

Bothell, WA




Dear Brother Darr:


I am very disturbed by the type of leadership that emanates from the current business manager's office. Frankly, the conduct that flows from that office runs contrary to the tenets of union brotherhood and runs dangerously close to undemocratizing our system.


If the business manager's aim is to quell competition for elective office within this union, that effort will be challenged head on by the general membership. I will help lead the charge. If the current business manager's goal is to intimidate brother and sister members through threats of violence, and by providing false evidence and staging kangaroo union trials, those actions will be dealt with accordingly.


I am informing you of these concerns, Brother Darr, because I am not afraid of you.


Furthermore, my option to take legal action against you personally remains firmly intact and available to me. A 2002 report from the Alaska State Troopers clearly shows that you warranted death threats against my wife, my four children and myself at the Fairbanks, Alaska union hall on the night of October 25, 2002. I know this because the Alaska State Troopers notified me the day following your death threats. The report also indicates that you tried to incite violence among the members. Further, the facts from that report are on file with other police agencies, as well as the FBI.


My investigation, which I have shared with authorities, shows that you tried to deny or cover-up your death threats by sending your business agent into the field during normal work hours to force signatures from those members in attendance at the Fairbanks meeting on October 25, 2002. I have witnesses who will testify against you in your effort to hide the true facts, and to intimidate members to provide false statements.


I don't take too kindly to a person who threatens my wife and children, Brother Darr.


Since the statute of limitations has not yet tolled, you will be notified at the proper time of my choosing for legal


action against you in the appropriate court of law. Such an action would be widely publicized, both through the union and otherwise.




Wayne Plumb,

2002 Candidate for Business Manager



cc: Jeff Ackerman, President

Malcom Auble, Corresponding/Recording/Financial Secretary

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