If the heart and soul of the organization is a reflection of the man who is the leader, then Local 302 of the International Union of Operating Engineers is in VERY big trouble with Allan Darr at the helm. In the first place, Allan Darr is an illegitimate business manager. He was never elected by the members, nor did he run for the office of business manager. He was appointed behind closed-doors by a handful of members called the Executive Board. The Board is comprised of line officers like Vice-President Barry Riedesel who himself is under a very dark cloud of corrupt union activities.


Ironically, Allan Darr has publicly denounced President George Bush as being illegitimate for being "selected." (See Allan Darr's comments in the "Loadline" May 2001 edition.)


Allan Darr's hypocracy shouldn't be dismissed just because he's a political hack and because he thinks that he wields a lot of muscle within the Democratic Party in Washington State. The real concern of Operating Engineers should be "how much money Allan Darr transfers from the union's treasuries to candidates that Allan Darr supports." We're talking about union money that belongs to the members.


The weasel has been "selected" to the top. Allan Darr does not operate heavy equipment. He worked as an oiler in the past, but he doesn't know the difference between coolant and transmission fluid. Allan narr is a partisan political hack. His job at Local 302, starting during the Larry Johnson years, was to write and edit the "Loadline." He was the chief in-house propagandist for the union bosses, while using his political rhetoric in print to gain lap-dog status with Democrats in Olympia. Darr claims he quit working for Local 302 in 1998 when he took a full-time position elsewhere in a political role.


Meanwhile, leadership at Local 302 began to fall apart as election scandals unfolded. Larry Johnson, Clyde Wilson, Jack Jakubiec, and others at the top resigned as they became exposed in the scandals. Then, Allan Darr was called back in to help keep the walls from falling down. But that was not because of his management skills. It was because Allan Darr knew all the dirty little secrets at Local 302. Allan Darr is the damage-control business manager of Local 302.


Read the depositions of Allan Darr and his right-hand man, Barry Riedesel. Both are chronic liars with this intention: to have power over the members and spend the member's money as they see fit, no matter how corrupt.


Local 302 deserves much better!!!!!



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