The Voice of the Rank & File

Number 36

June 2000

Published by
Laborers for Justice & Democracy
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Las Vegas Local 872

Members of Local 872 in Las Vegas are picketing their union over unfair hiring practices and alleged illegal dispatches. The angry 872 members complain of the lack of democracy in there local union under the leadership of Tony Valdez.

Tony Valdez is the son of Leo Valdez, who was formerly Business Manager of Local 270 in San Jose California.

In typical LIUNA style, While Leo Valdez was running the San Jose Local he hired his sons Tony and Johnny as Business Agents and possibly Tony's wife as a secretary.

The membership of 270 complained many time about over unauthorized "loans" to other unions and other abuses of power. Finally a trusteeship was imposed and all the Valdez's removed from office.

With the history of Valdez in 270, it looks like the members in Las Vegas probably have a legitimate gripe. Things have to get pretty bad for the members to picket their on Union Hall!

According to one 872 member, Valdez openly boasts at meetings about his "relationship" with General President O'Sullivan.

Elections Overturned in San Jose Local 270


The LIUNA Independent Hearing Officer Peter F. Vaira had no choice but to overturn the elections in San Jose Local 270 and order a rerun after finding the protests filed by candidate Carlos B. Lujan were accurate.

Vaira said "Some of those individuals who submitted affidavits have modified their original statements given to McCarthy". Others have given affidavits, "which attempt to refute the IHO's findings."

Vaira also pointed out: "As the text of this Order and Memorandum will further demonstrate ,the incumbents and their associates, are now engaged in a massive information campaign".

The Homer Slate is trying to control the damage of the Vaira report which brought the dirty facts into the light of day for all the members to read. Paul Radford lied about what happened as did Joe Gadano. Oscar Acosta also lied about several allegations concerning the election.

You would think if it was LIUNA's goal to establish Democracy and Reform, Homer would be disqualified for his various illegal actions against the other slates with Paul Radford and Joe Gadano.

Carlos Lujan's comment on the whole mess: "I can't believe the Laborers have spent 33 million on a clean up and Max Warren is still in office and still overseeing the Local 270 elections."

Stay tuned for further developments in San Jose

Gow OK's No Show Job for Coia

As reported in our last edition: The laborers International Union of North America has created a no show job for General President Coia who has resigned as part of a plea bargain agreement with the United States Justice Department.

The guilty plea agreement filed in the United States District Court in Boston bars Coia from participating in any manner in the affairs off LIUNA for the remainder of his life and bars him from receiving any payment from LIUNA, other than his pension. But the court left in a "loophole" big enough to drive an armored truck through, when it allowed Coia to receive General President Emeritus pay.

Coia was caught not paying taxes on three Ferraris. (One of these cars cost a million dollars!) He put the Ferraris under the name of union vender to cheat on paying $92,000 in taxes. But Coia is not through robbing the hard working members of LIUNA: The General Executive Board of LIUNA has rewarded this convicted felon with a yearly salary for doing absolutely nothing as "General President Emeritus"

I wrote to Inspector General W. Douglas Gow and asked if the General Executive Board has his permission for this robbery. He did not respond So I wrote again and asked him to start an investigation. He replied "the GEB voted only to pay Mr. Coia the difference between his pension and his current salary.It is our understanding that the payment will amount to less than one third of the total salary" (of $250,000) I guess that makes it OK to steal from the members?

For more information check we have the actual letters from Gow posted for you to read.

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