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Press Release

For immediate release:

Arthur Coia will resign on January 1,2000. Vice President Terrence O'Sullivan will become the new General President.

Laborers for Justice & Democracy welcome the change and will work to build bridges with General President Terrence O'Sullivan. We see this as a positive direction and a chance for General President O'Sullivan to make real democratic changes:

(1) allowing the members to vote on all contracts

(2) the right to elect all district councils by secret ballot vote of the membership

(3) No unauthorized salary increases to the General President without membership approval.

However if rumors prove to be true that Coia will continue to be paid $250,000 as President Emeritus. Then Laborers for Justice & Democracy will lead the fight to oust the General Executive Board who made this back room deal with a MOB Puppet.

We have been told the formula used for this platinum parachute is if Coia's pension is higher than $250,000 a year then he gets no salary. But if his pension falls short of $250,000 then LIUNA will make up the difference with the members union dues money. No matter how you look at it he comes out with $250,000 a year.

If this is true the United States Justice Department must

(1) enforce the consent decree immediately; (2) charge Arthur Coia with tax evasion in the Viking Leasing scandal; (3) remove the LIUNA General Executive Board immediately who supported this back room deal with a Mob puppet; (4) re-evaluate the GEB Attorney and the Inspector General's positions in LIUNA.

The Laborers International Union of North America claims to represent 650,000 workers; U.S. Mail Handlers, Construction Laborers & Hod Carriers, Health Care Workers. A General Executive Board made of 15 Vice Presidents negotiated this deal with a Mob puppet.

Alex Corns

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