Labor Voice, July 4, 1999

Union Boss Withdraws Bogus Lawsuit

Charles LeConche, is the Business Manager for both the Connecticut Laborersí District Council & Hartford Laborersí Local Union # 230 which is part of the Laborers' International Union of North America [LIUNA]. He, as a functionary of LIUNA, exercises one-man-rule by controlling the fate & finances of over 5,000 construction laborers in Connecticut.

In March, 1998, LeConche sued former union Vice-President Stephen Manos, claiming "personal, professional, & pecuniary" harm. The suit stemmed from a July 30, 1997 incident during a union Executive Board meeting at Hartfordís Capriccio Restaurant in which LeConche threatened & then assaulted Manos. LeConche's exact quote to Manos was: "Steve, you are about this fucking close to me coming over there & ripping your fucking throat out !!!". After being assaulted by Local 230 Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Freeman, Manos was thrown into the street & further pursued by LeConche & his brother, Billy LeConche. In addition to other Board members, present as a witnesses to the assault were Attorney Thomas Brockett of Cheverie & Associates & LIUNA Vice President Vere Haynes. Unknown to the assailants & their accomplices, Manos secretly taped the entire incident, later giving the tape to the FBI.

Manos testified before a U.S. Congressional subcommittee on May 4, 1998 on union corruption.

Manos issued 2 subpoenas in June, 1999 in order to depose LeConche & Local 230's Recording Secretary, Leonard "Butch" Granell Jr. [Granell has falsified records of past union meetings].

Days later, after evading service of the subpoenas, LeConche withdrew his complaint.

Manos: "I knew that once I served the subpoenas, that it was just a matter of time before Charlie would fold up like a cheap suitcase. LeConche doesn't have the guts to face me in any legal forum.î

Manos has brought a lawsuit under the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act. [RICO] in Bridgeport, CT. against LeConche. Manos is also suing LIUNA, Local 230, LIUNA General Executive Board Attorney Robert Luskin, LIUNA 3rd Vice-President Vere Haynes, Local 230's Attorney Robert Cheverie, Secretary-Treasurer John Pezzenti, former Business Manager Dominick Lopreato, & Local 230's Office Secretary Harriet Roman.

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