Laura Portiss
44 King Street West #4
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 1T7

(905) 627-5100

June 1, 1998

Mr. Enrico Mancinelli
LIUNA Canadian Director
44 Hughson Street
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Sir;

I am writing on behalf of my brother Jamie Portiss. As you are aware Jamie has been trying to join LIUNA Local 1089 for over 4 years only to be repeatly refused an application form. During the course of this 4 year period LIUNA Local 1089 has accepted many new members including Mr. Leone's children. I know that your son is also a LIUNA member, why is it different for Joe Portiss's son ?

This is a clear case of discrimination and I request that you correct this situation immediately, by immediately by allowing Jamie to join LIUNA the same way other member's children have, with a $25.00 deposit and the remainder of their intiation fee being paid out of their first pay cheque.

Should you fail to do so please be advised that after June 3,1998 Jamie Portiss will being taking action for the discriminatory treatment not only of LIUNA Local 1089 but also yourself and Jamie will be seeking loss wages, pension credits, and benefits at the same rate which they were obtained by Mr. Leone's children.

I look forward to your immediate written response which are welcome to fax to me by notifying me by telephone first at the above phone number, as this is a fax line as well as a phone line.


Laura J. Portiss

cc: Jamie Portiss

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