Laborers International Union of North America
905- 16th Street,NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

ATT: Arthur Coia

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Dear Brother Coia.

I have been informed by the Judges of Election that I have qualified as a candidate in the upcoming Election. I am running for the position of Business Manager.

I am forwarding you a copy of the policy letter that I have received from the Executive Board of Local 607.

I have been informed by the members of the Executive Board that if I do not comply with this agreement, that I will not receive my right to a mail out.

As a long time standing member of the Local 607. I believe that this is an infringement of my rights.

In addition to this correspondence I will forward a letter to you that I gave to the Judges of Election requesting the list of the membership. As you can see I was not accommodated with what I asked for. Instead they gave me a policy letter which I am not in total agreement with and have been informed that I must sign in order to receive the mail-out that I requested.

With deep regret an protest I have found it impossible to receive my mail out without signing their letter of policy.

Please find enclosed all correspondence pertaining to this letter.

Yours, Truly


Gaetano Caruso

Member # 2087575

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