Local 36 Correspondence

LABORERS-LIUNA Local 36 Correspondence

  • July 30, 2003
    "Local 36 Business Manager, Alex Corns, Charges Coia Crew With Violation Of Ethics and Disciplinary Code"

  • March15, 2000
    "LIUNA Michael S. Bearse, General Counsel, Responds To Inquiry Of Arthur Coia's Salary"

  • March13, 2000
    "Local 36 Business Manager Wants The Exact Figures On Coia's Salary"

  • March 8, 2000
    "LIUNA Should Have Notified Locals and District Councils Of Arthur Coia's Plea Bargain Agreement Before They Approved His Salary"

  • March 7, 2000
    "LIUNA's Attorney General, Robert D. Luskin, Tells Alex Corns That He Will Answer Specific Questions"

  • March 3, 2000
    "Inspector General Refers Alex Corns Request For Details Of Arthur Coia's Salary To The GEB Attorney"

  • March 2, 2000
    LIUNA General Counsel, Michael Bearse, Explains Arthur Coia's Emeritus Status"

  • Feb.28, 2000
    "Justice Department Justification Of Arthur Coia's Emeritus Status"

  • Feb.28, 2000
    "Alex Corns Questions Inspector General On Disciplinary Code"

  • Feb.17, 2000
    "Alex Corns Clarifies The Need For The Investigation To The Inspector General"

  • Feb.14, 2000
    "LIUNA General Counsel, Michael Bearse, Says He Will Reply For W. Douglas Gow Regarding The Emeritus Status Of Arthur A. Coia"

  • Feb.11, 2000
    "LIUNA Inspector General, W. Douglas Gow, Acknowlegdes Receipt Of Alex Corns Letter Requesting An Investigation Of GEB"

  • Feb. 2, 2000
    "Letter To LIUNA Secretary-Treasurer, Carl E. Booker, Demanding Legal Action Against GEB Members Who Voted To Approve Arthur Coia's Lifetime Salary.

  • Jan. 28, 2000
    "Letter To The Presiding Judge, George A. O'Toole, Protesting Felony Plea Bargain Deal Allows Him To Retain His President Emeritus and Lifetime Salary Of $250,000 Per Year.

  • Jan. 28, 2000
    "Letter To The W. Douglas Gow, LIUNA Inspector General Requesting An Investigation In The Coia/President Emeritus Scam

  • Jan. 25, 2000
    "Letter To The Assistant Attorney General Of The Justice Department Regarding The Legality Of The GEB's Action To Pay Arthur Coia A Salary Of $250,000 A Year For The Rest Of His Life,

  • Dec. 23, 1999
    "Letter To W. Douglas Gow, LIUNA Inspector General, If He Had Approved The GEB's Action Regarding Coia's Lifetime Salary Contract Of $250,000 Before The Dec. 5 Meeting.,

  • Dec. 22, 1999
    "Letter To Justice Dept. Protesting the General Executive Board's (GEB) Vote To Make Arthur Coia President Emeritus With A Life-Time Salary of $250, 000 A Year.,

  • August 26, 1998
    "Open Letter to GEB Attorney, Robert Luskin" - from Alex Corns
    "This is not reform, it is a retreat until the government is out the way."

  • Feb.26, 1998
    "Open Letter To All Laborers" - from Alex Corns,

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