December 21, 1999

Recording Secretary, M. Demonja:

According to Laborers' International Constitution of North America Article XXII, Charges, Trials, and Appeals, Section Five: ... Upon conclusion of the hearings ... proceed to make findings and decision. It shall prepare a report [and] the Recording Secretary shall forthwith mail a copy ... to the charging party...

The dictionary meaning of "forthwith" is, "immediately; at once".

The Trial Board met December the eighth. At this writing it is the twenty-first of December. I, Mike Blissmer, am requesting my copy as/per LIUNA Constitution of the Trial Board decision.

My problem is the usual one: Is it the reading of the English language and someone being able to interpret it correctly, or is the delay another chapter of the Bova administrations' deliberate slow down and stonewalling technique?


Mike Blissmer

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