January 7, 2000

253 S. Washington ST
Valparaiso IN


With the start of the New Year we, the members in support of Tom Pancini our candidate for the office of business manager LU 81 are kicking off our campaign. We have dated printed material to be mailed to the membership, our only obstacle being the current administration of local 81.

A letter was sent to the local to request the use of the mailing list, which is our right as members. Local 81's reply was that we come in on Sunday the 9th at 12 noon. But we could only bring a total of six people to help apply the labels. But the real hurdle is the statement in the locals reply that we must pay the double time rate for Sunday, under the collective bargaining agreement. This action by our local union is nothing more then a form of repression on the part of the Frank Bova adminstration.

First of all with three secretaries business manager and six field representatives, this seems to be ample manpower in the dead of winter, our off-season. There is no reason we should not be allowed access to the union hall and its mailing list during normal business hours.

Further more the reply would lead one to believe that it plans on sending all three sectaries and at least one officer to the local union hall on Sunday the 9th.

How can a demand be made that we pay employees of our local union under the collective bargaining agreement when they do not work under any such agreement.

As I stated in the beginning of this letter our material is printed and dated and needs to be mailed. We will be mailing out our material through the local 81 and its mailing list under protest. Furthermore, we do not agree with the locals tactics.and believe that our rights are being violated.


John Burch

Cc: Terence M. O'Sullivan-W. Douglas Gow
Ed Smith-Jerry W. Lee
Robert D. Luskin
Frank A. Bova

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