Stephen Manos

77 Hale Road

Glastonbury, CT 06033


Fax 860/633-4283


November 30, 2001


Steve Settle

Committee On Education & The Workforce

B-346 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515


RE: Case # 397-CV02502 JCH [District], Case # 00-9004, 2nd Circuit


Dear Mr. Settle,


Enclosed Please find a representative cover-sheet for the above referenced [RICO/ Civil Rights] case which depicts me, along with Gary Wall & William Cooksey, as Plaintiffs.


Included also are copies of affidavits of Stephen Manos & Judith Dobrich [08-30-99].


As a member of Hartford Connecticut Local 230, Laborers’ International Union of North America [LIUNA], my rights have been systematically violated by the “governance structure” [terminology used by President Reagan’s Crime Commission] controlling both Local 230 & the international union.


I testified [along with Professor Clyde Summers] before the House Subcommittee on Education & The Workforce on “Impediments To Union Democracy” on May 4,1998.


I have also given testimony to federal agents from the U.S. Attorney’s Chicago office.


As you will see from the enclosed  affidavits, they assured me of my safety.


After I found myself placed in a dangerous situation, because I questioned suspicious fund expenditures at a union executive board meeting, I was first verbally threatened as to my physical safety & then violently assaulted.


After initially reporting this & other incidents [identified to me by the FBI as Hobbs’ Act Violations] these agents abandoned me & did not respond to my multiple pleas.


This abandonment happened because U.S. Justice Department jurisdiction was taken away by LIUNA General Executive Board Attorney Robert Luskin, who allowed & conspired with the self-policing Arthur Coia “Governance Structure” i.e. the “Operational Agreement”.


An LMRDA case [having the same fact pattern as the RICO], with Wall & Cooksey as plaintiffs, is moving forward In Bridgeport, CT with the first depositions taken on 11-26-01.


Mr. Wall has informed me that depositions taken on 11-26-01 & the information derived from them will show clearly that Vere Haynes, 1st Vice President, LIUNA, & a signatory to the “Operational Agreement”  testified that  he did not know what the “Operational Agreement” was.


LIUNA VP Haynes also did not know what LM 2 or LM 15 forms were & never heard of the Labor Management Relations Disclosure Act [LMRDA].


It was extremely evident that Haynes doesn’t know what he’s signing.


Haynes also testified [after he witnessed me being assaulted on 07-30-97] that I walked unaided through an alarm –locked fire exit door [when, in fact I experienced a violent assault & went to the hospital for my injuries].


I am very concerned about this dangerous situation & am hopeful that your committee can take action to protect the integrity of the U.S. Govt.


Quoting the 2nd Circuit in the RICO/Civil Rights case: “The facts giving rise to this action are described, in this court’s opinion, in Wall V. Construction & General Laborers’ Union Local 230, 24 Fed 3rd, 168, 2nd Circuit, 2000”


The RICO case is still pending in the 2nd Circuit in New York City including a judicially concealed Civil Rights Act complaint contained within & will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.


The Civil Rights Act Complaint was judicially concealed under the disguise of being filed in an untimely fashion [an assertion which is entirely false since the complaint is documented with a U.S. District Court time-stamp showing a timely filed complaint].


I realize that there are serious political ramifications to these suits & that Plaintiff Wall has also contacted you.


So far this criminal governance structure has gotten away with blatant violations of my civil rights including threatening & assaulting a congressional witness.


I am, therefore, requesting, as a congressional witness, that your office initiate an investigation of these extortionate acts & actual violent assault which occurred in the presence of Vere Haynes, Vice-President of LIUNA, a signatory to the “Operational Agreement” [the governance structure policing itself].


Please don’t abandon me as other agencies have.


I am anxiously looking forward to your reply.




Stephen Manos


Cc: Gary Wall, William Cooksey Sr., Professor Clyde Summers



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