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May 29, 1998


In 1995, Labourers' International Union of North America entered into an agreement with the Department of Justice. As a condition to that agreement the LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Code came into affect for all enitities of LIUNA including the Canadian Locals and District Councils. However, Canadian members say that they have not been provided with copies of the LIUNA Constitution or the LIUNA Ethics and Disciplinary Code. Would you agree that Canadian LIUNA members' are being deprived of their rights as memebers of LIUNA ?

History of LIUNA Local 1089

In the early 80's Joe Portiss, a member of LIUNA Local 1089, filed charges against Local 1089 for unfair practices, and discriminatory and arbritary treatment. These charges were filed with the Ontario Labour Relation Board (OLRB).

In 1983, the OLRB found LIUNA Local 1089 guilty and accordingly ordered Local 1089 to cease all unfair practices and discriminatory, arbritrary, or bad faith treatment. The OLRB also ordered Local 1089 to provide all members with current copies of LIUNA Constitutions, all by-laws, rules, collective agreements, etc. at no charge and to continue provide such as within 10 days of any amendments.

During the course of the OLRB Hearings acid was put in the Joe Portissıs pitcher of water. Unfortunately, one of the other members who was testifying against Local 1089 Officers drank the water and has permanent damage from chemical burns to his mouth and throat. Who put the acid in the water and why ?

Also in the early 80's Joe Portiss, the member who filed the complaint with the OLRB, was brutally assaulted by 30 Union members including the Local 1089 Business Manager Rocco Dı Andrea and other Local 1089 Officers. This assault occurred at a LIUNA Local 1089 membership meeting. Unfortunately, the victim of this brutal attack sustained severe injuries including potentially fatal head injuries. The Business Manager and the victim were both charged with assault and both received a suspended sentence. Was this Justice ?

In the early 80's there were gunshots fired through the front window of Joe Portissıs neighbors house. Fortunately, the bullet only grazed by the head of the neighbors newborn baby. Was it bad aim or just a Warning ?

In 1985 some of the current officers used the 1983 OLRB order to get elected, once elected they too failed to comply with the OLRB order.

In 1997 Joe Portiss was told by Robert Leone Business Manager Local 1089, that Mr. Portiss was not entitled to any voice or vote in LIUNA Local 1089 without being the Business Manager the following month Mr. Portiss was wrongfully suspended. Was Mr. Leone afraid of political competition or is it just coincidental ?

What does the LIUNA Canadian Director do for Local 1089 members?

Mr. Enrico Mancinelli is not only the LIUNA Canadian Director but he is also a member of the LIUNA General Executive Board, Vice President.

Mr. Mancinelli has held his position with LIUNA for over 10 years. Throughout the past ten years members of Local 1089 have written several letters to Mr. Mancinelli, as well as placed several telephone calls to Mr. Mancinelli. However, these members claim that Mr. Mancinelli has failed to respond to their written correspondence and has in most cases failed to return their telephone calls.

One member was successful in receiving an opportunity to meet with Mr. Mancinelli and later Mr. Mancinelli had several telephone conversations with this members daughter. It appears that in one of those conversations Mr. Mancinelli admitted that he believed serious crimes were being committed within Local 1089, but he also stated that he was powerless because the General Executive Board and Robert Luskin refused to deal with conflicts and crimes within Canadian LIUNA Locals.

Of course letıs not forget that Enrico Mancinelli signed the ³operating agreement² with the Department of Justice. That makes him responsible for reporting alleged criminal activity to Robert Luskin. It also means that if it is true that Mr. Luskin refuses to look at conflicts or crimes within Canadian LIUNA Locals, Mr. Mancinelli is responsible for reporting Mr. Luskinıs refusal to the Department of Justice.

What is the CLC & what they do to assist LIUNA Members?

The CLC is the Canadian Labour Congress. The CLC is a Federal Organization which works towards maintaining equal rights, and safe working conditions within the Labour movement.

LIUNA is a affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress. However, when a complaint was filed with the CLC against LIUNA Local 1089 and LIUNA Canadian Director, CLC representative Murray Randall response was that he would send LIUNAıs Canadian Director a letter and that would solve the problem. Do you believe that is how corruption will be stopped? If there is any truth to the 212 draft complaint, then the CLC sending LIUNA a letter will solve about as much as sending Jimmy Hoffa a letter. Do you believe that a letter would have stopped Jimmy Hoffa ?

According to the 212 page complaint made by the U.S. Department of Justice, LIUNA is controlled by the Mafia. What does it say about organizations like that CLC in which LIUNA is affiliated with ?

Is this Brotherhood .....?

In the Fall of 1997 Joe Portiss was on his way to testify before LIUNA IHO against Local 1089 Officers, unfortunately Mr. Portiss was detained by an accident.
Someone tampered with Mr. Portissıs truck causing the wheel to come off as he was driving, Mr. Portiss had his then 6 month old granddaughter in the truck. Did someone want to prevent Joe Portiss from Testifying or is just coincidental?

In May 1998, LIUNA Local 1089 Recording Secretary Frank Guerette attempted to run Joe Portissıs son off the road. Mr. Guerette soon realized that it wasnıt Joe Portiss driving his car it was Jamie, Joeıs son.

In February 1998 Robert Leone Business Manager for Local 1089 who has extensive martial arts training verbally threatened Joe Portissıs daughter.

In April 1998 a 40 year member of LIUNA Local 1089 went to the Local 1089 Hiring Hall to request a copy of a collective agreement and was told to "get out " .

It's time to stand up for your Brotherhood and make LIUNA about Integrity, Honesty, and Solidarity.

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