Rank & File Should Ratify Collective Bargaining Agreements

Throughout the world, members of unions routinely vote on collective bargaining agreements that control their workplace destiny. Do you?

Under the current L.I.U.N.A. Constitutional provision (see provision below) regarding Bargaining-- there is nothing that prohibits you from being given the right to vote on your collective bargaining agreement.

Article XI of the Uniform District Council Constitution gives certain rights to the negotiating committee and the District Council delegates. However, nothing prohibits the negotiating committee and delegates from waiving their right under Article XI and presenting a proposed contract to the members to obtain ratification.

Since nothing prohibits membership ratification, shouldn't you demand the opportunity to ratify your contract?

Ask your delegate to the District Council to request the Negotiating Committee to put the proposed contract to all the members affiliated with the District Council for a secret ballot ratification vote. Express yourself self, not only as regards negotiations for a successor Agreement, but in the future, demand a commitment from persons from your local union running for delegate to the District Council that they provide you an opportunity to vote on Collective Bargaining Agreements.

In the year 200l when you nominate and elect delegates to the 22nd Convention for the Laborers' International Union of North America. Demand their support for a revision of the Constitution as regards Bargaining. Compare the revised version below with the current provision.

The revised version guarantees you the right to vote on future Collective Bargaining Agreements. Considering how long it has been since you last voted on your own workplace destiny. Isn't it about time to make your voice heard and demand that the Rank and File ratify Laborers' Collective Bargaining Agreements?

For more information regarding this issue please contact:

Ron Nobili-Business Manager

Laborers' International Union of North America, AFL-CIO
Local 665
269 Federal Street
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06606-5296

Phone: (203)-335-7943
Fax: (203) 335-1261
e-mail: liuna665@aol.com

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon EST

The Right to Ratified the Contract Is Fundamental.




Bargaining shall be conducted by a Negotiating Committee appointed by the District Council. The Business Manager of the Council shall be the chairman ex-officio In the composition of the Negotiating Committee the District Council shall give due regard to representation from all the affected Local Unions. Prior to negotiations the Local Unions which shall be affected thereby shall submit to the District council their bargaining proposals. The Business Manager and the Negotiating Committee of the Council, after consultation with all the affected Local Unions, shall cause the preparation of the District Council's agreement proposals. During the course of negotiations the Business Manager shall keep all the affected Local Unions advised of the progress of negotiations.

If the delegates to the District Council have given the Negotiating Committee authority to enter into an agreement, when agreement is reached by the Committee no further ratification shall be required. In all other cases. If agreement is reached by the Committee, it shall require ratification by a secret ballot vote of delegates all the affected members affiliated with the Council. Where a Local Union negotiates an agreement and thereby serves as the District Council's Negotiating Committee, that agreement shall require ratification by a secret ballot vote of delegates all the affected members affiliated with the council like all other agreements negotiated by the Council under this Article. If the delegates to the Council have given the Negotiating committee the authority to call a strike in the event agreement is not reached, the Negotiating Committee shall be authorized to call a strike only after all affected members affiliated with the Council by secret ballot vote have sanctioned the strike authorization of the delegates to the Council. In all other cases, where the Negotiating Committee has not reached an agreement, strike sanctions can only be authorized by secret ballot vote of the delegates all affected members affiliated with the Council.

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