Gaetano Caruso wrote:

It looks like we have a showdown and they are not going to do my mail out unless I sign. I feel that I am being treated unfairly and I going to stand my ground.

Yours, Truly

Gaetano Caruso

Chris White wrote:

I am glad to hear you decided to stand your ground. Contact Luskin. Complain to Vaira and the Local media, Labor Notes and the Assocation for Union Democracy.

Appeal Vaira's decision to Eggleston. These guys are stonewalling you. They are scared. The longer they can delay your mailing they hope to dilute its impact and limit your chances for rebuttals. Probably hoping you'll get descouraged and quit. They might be nervous you might win. They flat-ass have to provide you with labels. They may get away with charging you for the labels, as the international does for labels in election of delegates to the Convention.As I recall they charged $60 per 1,000.

The local union doesn't have to do a mailing for you and you don't have to pay them to do a mailing for you BUT the local has to let you do a mailing. And if they don't they will just have to run the election over until they get it right!

later Chris

Gaetano Caruso wrote:

As you know I signed because some of my supporters did not want me to lose my mail out. And wanted it out as you know the Election starts on Sunday May 31, 1998. This is a copy of the protest letter I sent to Coia and Mancinelli and the Local.

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