United States District Court

District of Connecticut

Charles LeConche Plaintiff


Stephen Manos Defendant

Case # 398 CV 00489 AWT

Subpoena Attachment

Robert Luskin' GEB Attorney' LIUNA

You are commanded to produce the following documents:

All statements, notes, & transcripts taken from interviews conducted by the LIUNA Inspector General's Office from the following people who were present at the Local 230 Executive Board meeting held on July 30, 1998 at Capriccio Restaurant, Hartford, Ct.:

Charles LeConche, Business Manager
Thaddeus Grabowski, President
Wayne Silva, Auditor
Frank Freeman, Sergeant-at-Arms
William LeConche, Laborer
Leonard Granell, Recording Secretary
John Pezzenti Secretary-Treasurer
James Lawson, Auditor
Donald Douville, Auditor
Lloyd Lecky, Auditor
William Del Gaizo, Auditor
Thomas Brockett, Attorney [Cheverie & Associates]
Vere Haynes, Vice-President [LIUNA]
The Fuschi Brothers, Co-Owners, Capriccio Restaurant

If any of these individuals, in fact, were not interviewed, please state the reasons as to why.

Submitted By:

Stephen Manos, Pro Se


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