Voter Turnout

Gaetano Caruso wrote:

June 2, 1998 - Very low voter turn out half way through my journey and under fifty percent. Be in touch soon bye for now.

Chris White wrote:

It doesn't surprise me. In the first election of the International General President only 15% or so voted. In my local, 942 only 50% voted with a mail-out ballot and it was much lower, about 30%, when we had walk-ins and mail-ins. Generally the incumbents try to discourage people from voting knowing that their supporters will turn out. Those opposed are afraid of retaliation because of the faulty election procedures. The integrity of the secret ballot get violated left and right. Sometimes it is so bad that only the bravest people oppose them.

Good luck Chris

Gaetano Caruso wrote:

I only got 12 % of the vote but I am not totaly unhappy he is a very tough opponent. I was counting on a higher voter turn out but it did not happen a few members want me to advocate a few issues on their behalf. I will do that and move on.

Thanks for all of your help

Sincerly Gaetano

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