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Members of Local 665

And All Laborers Who Believe in Union Democracy

A Report On The Lawsuit Against The District Council


Brothers & Sisters:

I am proud to inform you that Local 665 in Bridgeport has settled its lawsuit against the Connecticut Laborers' District Council.

This settlement is a big step forward for Laborers, and unionists everywhere, who believe unions should be run by the members and for the members.

We have enclosed a complete copy of the settlement agreement. Please look it over. You'll see for yourself that it represents a "sea change" in the way the Laborers Union in Connecticut operates.


For the first time in CLDC history, union members will have the right to vote a dues increase up or down in a secret ballot election.

Until now, the officials who control the District Council would raise your dues as they saw fit, with little or no regard for fiscal responsibility. From now on, the rank-and-file will have the final word, at least regarding working dues.


For the first time in CLDC history, working dues flowing to the Local unions will be proportional to the number of hours worked by each Local's members. In the past, your dues were siphoned off by the District Council and given in the form of subsidies to other locals.

Members of certain locals were hurt the worst. Obviously, ours was one of them. You went without a pay raise for six years. But the immediate-past president of the District Council, who represented on of the smallest locals, was making a six-figure income, (over $100,000 not including benefits) from your hard-earned dues money with a membership of less than 250. The District Council was simply taking your working dues and giving it away.

From now on, all Local union officers will have to manage their Local's finances without subsidies. This will force them to be more prudent with members' money.


One of the things we're proudest of is the simple fact that we at Local 665 took a stand against these injustices. When we first started this fight, many were concerned. But we were determined to do the right thing.

This is by no means the end of the fight for democracy within our union. The message is clear fro our example, however, that you can and must take a stand against tyranny in order to make progress.

With contract negotiations upcoming, this is the time for all Laborers to demand justice. We've got to insist that members get a significant pay increase. And we've got to demand the right to vote on the contract and all contracts in the future. Our rallying cry should be--"members must have the right and opportunity to ratify contracts".

Please call me directly if you have any questions, or if you want to talk about these issues. My telephone numbers is (203) 335-7943.

In Solidarity,

Ronald Nobili
For the Brave Plaintiffs and
Our Executive Board

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