Hello, from Chris White

To: All Brothers and Sisters of Laborers Local 942

For the last 35 years, I have been a member of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA). Those of you who know me realize that I have a legacy of asking tough questions, standing up for the rights of members and standing up against any actions or persons that will do us harm. My website, “laborers.org” is  No. 2 listing on Google out of 8 million listings. Only the official LIUNA site is ranked higher.  I have created “laborers.org” to expose corruption, to communicate and to empower the rank and file laborer to work toward progressive change. It’s not too fancy but neither am I.


My accomplishments:

·       The fact that the dispatches and financial lists are posted in our hall is something I helped to do years ago to make the officers more accountable to the members and help to stop back door dispatches.

·       The fact that the custodial bankers stopped loaning themselves money out of the pension plan is a positive result of my investigations and formal complaints to the U.S. Department of Labor.

·       The fact that some of you recovered your lost Pipeline retirement benefits has been achieved with my assistance in a lawsuit that was fought and opposed by our local officials for 15 years.

·       The fact that my work has gotten recognition for my efforts to clean up the labor unions I have been written up, quoted, and acknowledged in the local and national media for trying to straighten things out.  My work has been recognized in lawsuits cited in the President’s Commission On Organized Crime and in articles in the Reader’s Digest entitled “A Union In Bondage To The Mob” and “Whose Looting Union Pensions”. More recently, I’ve been cited in a couple of books published this year, “Solidarity For Sale” by Robert Fitch and “Mobsters, Unions, and Feds” by James Jacobs.


Why you should elect me as your Delegate to the Convention:

I have been to two LIUNA Conventions, not as a Delegate but as a rank and file member. In 1981 my friends and I were attacked and beaten at the Laborers International Convention when we ran for office and entered resolutions to reform the union. Those were the “good old days” before the U.S. Justice Department put the Union under oversight! In 1996 I went to the Convention to support a dissent candidate, Barnie Scanlon, against Arthur Coia.


So far this “Justice Department Oversight reform” effort has cost our members over 40 Million Dollars according to LIUNA Attorney, Robert Luskin, that is approximately 5 Million Dollars a year. The year 2006 is the last year of the U.S. Justice Departments Oversight. At the monthly meeting on Feb. 11, 2000 I made the motion to remove Arthur Coia as President Emeritus and cancel his salary-….and that will save us a “lot of dough”!


 Joe Thomas, the former Business Manager and his cronies saw nothing wrong with this convicted felon, “mob puppet” representing the Laborers. The motion passed overwhelmingly in spite of his protest.


By sending me to the convention as a Delegate, you can send a message; that this is no time for yes men, toadies or suck-ups. We must sever the former “mob puppet” Arthur Coia from his $335,516.00 a year lifetime salary as President Emeritus.


By cutting Coia off from his sinecure the union could demonstrate that it’s really sincere about breaking with its mob-dominated past; that O'Sullivan, Coia’s former chief of staff, isn’t just a placeholder for the next member of the Coia Dynasty – Ronald Coia. I repeat, we must remove Arthur A. Coia as President Emeritus and stop his annual of $335,516.00 lifetime salary. He has been banned for life from LIUNA by the courts for corrupt practices, disbarred as an attorney and we must show that Laborers do not tolerate nor reward corruption.


I will introduce resolutions and support all resolutions that help establish open accountability for all LIUNA officials, we will work together for better job conditions and wages for all union members.


The Coia Dynasty must be stopped.


For more information you may call me at home at (907) 457-4523 or check out my website at http://www.laborers.org or http://www.laborers.com on the Internet. Most importantly, please vote ONLY for one Bottom Line Candidate - Chris White (on the bottom of the ballot).                        

Thank you, Chris White.

Fairbanks, Alaska       May 22, 2006




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