Local 607
516 South High St.
Thunder Bay Ont.

I am writing this letter to state that I will be coming to the Local Union 607 to have my address labels pasted on my envelopes for my campaign mail-out.The date will be Thursday, May 21, 1998 at 9:00am. At that time I will be bringing two watchers with me.

This is for the upcoming Election that is going to be held on May,31 1998 to June 3,1998.

At this time I would also like to indicate that I would like to meet with the Judges of Election at a convenient time for them. But no later than five days prior to the Election date of May,31 1998

I would like to discuss a few details about the election with them.

Yours, Truly


Gaetano Caruso

Member #2087575

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